We are clearly living in uncertain times. The global political economy is under duress, the financial markets have responded with record volatility, and many are faced with fear. We know that simply delivering well-founded investment advice is not enough. The team at Trost Financial is fortunate to have the guidance of performance psychologist, Dr. Rick Jensen, who shared the following insights.

Prepare: When financial markets tumble, we see opportunity where you understandably may see threat. As financial professionals, our advanced knowledge, experience, and education provides a readiness to act. We are here to prepare you to see things from a different perspective, provide resources that support our recommendations and share historical trends. When offering investment advice, we consider everything from evidence of past financial recovery periods to how our recommendations fared in the past.

Focus on Opportunity: Dr. Jensen recognizes that “clients often view uncertain times through a lens of threat that clouds their ability to see opportunities that exist.” It is therefore our job to help you see the opportunities that are otherwise disguised. As it relates to these and any opportunities, we always plan to mitigate impending risks and focus on the available opportunities that align with your individual risk tolerance. Whether it is refinancing, rebalancing, or business lending, it is our job to make you aware of the opportunities at hand.

Act: With opportunity on the front burner, we are here to guide you on the pathway that is in your best interest. Knowing that Dr. Jensen recognizes that “the value of professional advice is only as good as what is executed,” we are available to you every step of the way. Together we will move along the pathway to readiness so that when you are prepared to act, we are positioned to do so.

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Disclaimer: Dr. Rick Jensen is not affiliated with LPL Financial or Trost Financial Consulting. The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.