Using Technology to Keep your Financial Planning on Track

January 6, 2020 is officially National Technology Day, dedicated to recognizing technological achievements and to look to the future of technology. When it comes to your financial plan, technology should play a major role. Below we’ve outlined a few “tech tips” to help support your financial goals. Putting these tips into play can help get you…

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College Costs for your Kids: How Much & How to Pay

By: Jim Watson, Vice President of Trost Financial Consulting I came across this great college cost calculator which allows you to estimate what college expenses will be for your children. We know…this can be a difficult number to digest. That’s why we wanted to put together a few tips on how to best save for…

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8 Financial Tips for the New Year

New Year, new you, some say. The New Year is a perfect time to assess your financial plan, throw bad habits in the trash, and start anew. To support your financial goals in 2020, we put together a straightforward list of tips which can help you get on track for a successful year for your…

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The Perfect Holiday Dinner Guide

Courtesy of Chef Michelle H at Sur La Table, Los Angeles   Trost Financial recently hosted a Client Appreciation Cooking Class at our local Sur La Table location in Los Angeles, CA. It was undoubtedly one of the best dinners we’ve ever had – and we cooked it ourselves! With the holidays in full swing,…

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The 9 Things Your Financial Advisor Should Be Providing

Managing your own money isn’t easy. From planning for retirement to navigating complicated tax implications, there are many decisions with which you will be faced. That’s where a financial advisor comes in to help. When choosing who to work with, you should have an understanding of exactly what to expect and what services you will…

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National Entrepreneurs’ Day – A Spotlight on Greg Trost

By: Nicole Reisberg, Founder of Social Haven Marketing In honor of National Entrepreneurs’ Day on November 19, 2019, I sat down with one of my all-time favorite entrepreneurs, Founder & CEO of Trost Financial Consulting, Greg Trost. Greg took me through a few highlights of his entrepreneurial journey (did you know he’s owned successful businesses…

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Debt Repayment Strategies for Doctors

­The Association of American Medical Colleges recently reported some discouraging statistics, including the fact that 75% of medical school students in the class of 2018 graduated with student debt at an average of almost $200,000. With this level of debt, you’d owe $2,122 per month on the standard, 10-year federal debt repayment plan. The Bureau…

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World Savings Day: 10 Simple, Money-Saving Tips

They say a penny saved is a penny earned. Saving money enables us to invest in our future success. While many of us are aware of the need for and the importance of saving, not as many know of its annual holiday. World Savings Day is celebrated on October 31st, and in it’s honor, we…

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The Importance of Setting up a Living Trust

Setting up your living trust is easier than you might think – a great thing considering how important it is to have one. No matter the value of your trust, it is critical that you have a plan for your assets after your death. Not only will it ensure that your wishes are followed, but…

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Out of Something Terrible, Can Come Something Good

Life insurance needs to play a key role in your financial plan. I know from experience… A few years ago, I had a client, and friend, who was diagnosed with a rare disease called Amyloidosis. Despite being completely healthy and active just six months earlier, he passed away. He was only 58 years old. Eight…

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