Out of Something Terrible, Can Come Something Good

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Life insurance needs to play a key role in your financial plan. I know from experience…

A few years ago, I had a client, and friend, who was diagnosed with a rare disease called Amyloidosis. Despite being completely healthy and active just six months earlier, he passed away. He was only 58 years old.

Eight years before the diagnosis, he had taken out a life insurance policy. The proceeds allowed his son to pay off his six-figure student loan debt and make a substantial down payment on a new home. His wife is now retired and debt free.

Life insurance can play a vital role in your financial plan, and if the premiums fit within your budget, then you need to get signed up. There are many different types of life insurance plans, which can be confusing and are often misunderstood. In an effort to bring clarity to the topic, we recently published a blog defining the different types of life insurance listed from least to most expensive. Visit our blog to brush up on the different types of life insurance, and contact us to get set up.

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These are the views of a clients. Their views may not be representative of the views of other clients and are not indicative of future performance or success.

This article is intended to assist in educating you about insurance generally and not to provide personal service. They may not take into account your personal characteristics such as budget, assets, risk tolerance, family situation or activities which may affect the type of insurance that would be right for you. In addition, state insurance laws and insurance underwriting rules may affect available coverage and its costs. If you need more information or would like personal advice you should consult an insurance professional.

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