What Have We Been Up to in Quarantine?

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The past few months have been a learning experience for all. Here at Trost Financial, we are grateful to have continued to grow with our clients during this time, deepening relationships and serving as a trusted resource.

During a team discussion the other day, we enjoyed sharing some new hobbies we’ve picked up, along with a few work-from-home tips to help us work better remotely. Check out what our team members have been up to!

We’d love to hear from you as well. In the comments below, share a new hobby you’ve picked up, or a remote working tip that may help others.


New Normal, New Hobbies

  • I started playing backgammon and puzzles! These are great mindfulness exercises and activities to do with your partner.
  • When I’m finished working, I go on a daily walk. This helps to clear my mind and relax me after a full day of helping our clients!
  • We got a new puppy, which keeps us very busy and active.
  • I picked up gardening. Lots of work and lots of reward!
  • I started using my son’s boxing bag! It’s an amazing workout, plus great for working out frustrations.
  • I picked up ready (actual) books again! I missed the feel of them in my hands.
  • The whole family started playing Pickle Ball. Super fun!
  • We’re teaching our 2 and 4-year old’s how to ride bikes! It’s kept us active and really wears the kids out.


Tips for Working Remotely

  • Schedule a virtual coffee break with colleagues or clients, with video or without.
  • Shower and get dressed in the morning, to feel more productive. Avoid rolling out of bed and starting to work right away!
  • I started doing 5 minutes of yoga stretches right when I get out of bed. This helps to wake me up, but also has relieved back and neck pain!
  • I recommend meditating and setting intentions for the day.
  • If you need a re-set, take a break and walk outside.
  • If possible, I try to find an isolated workspace for fewer distractions. I know this can be tough!
  • Create a schedule with your working hours decided ahead of time. Then stick to it!


We hope you enjoyed learning about what our team has been up to in quarantine, and some of the work-from-home lessons we’ve learned. Share yours below!

We’d also love to connect with you on our newly-announced virtual Happy Hours! You can check out all the event info and RSVP at this link.


Please Share

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